Steps to buying a house in Spain

Steps to buying a house in Spain d’une maison en Espagne

Author: Holidaydream Real Estate


In Holidaydream real estate / estate agents our aim is to make your purchase as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Please be careful, many of the locals & foreign estate agents in Costa Blanca just want sale and the commissionafter sale they do not want to know anything and they ignore you, leaving you helpless.

„That’s not how we work“.  We offer and we handle all the steps involved in buying a home in Spain.

We live here, we are from here and we are professionals, we work with the best notaries, lawyers … in the area.

All without further expenses for you, we do all the management.

Control documentation homes before starting any procedure of sale

We prepare contracts of sale

We help get the NIE number and open a bank account in Spain

We prepare the public deed at the notary.

We assist and accompany the day of Notaría

We help you rent your home

We recommend the best professionals for the maintenance of your home (Builders, Gardeners, Architects)

  • Information for buyers

Spain is a member of the European Union and has a strong legal system in real estate law and notarial law. With our help and that of a Notary, the acquisition / buy of  property is legally safe in Spain.

The citizens of the Member States of the European Union (EU) are not subject to any restrictions to buy a property in Spain. For citizens outside the EU must take into account some peculiarities, but in principle, the acquisition of a property is not a problem.

  • Tax ID number NIE / NIF

NIF tax identification number or N.I.E. or identification number for foreigners).

All foreigners who want to buy, sale, rent, open a bank account in Spain need this number.

We can do this formality for you if you wish.

  • Making the purchase

In Spain there is no special requirement to buy a home.

The current Spanish system, based on close collaboration between the Notary and the Property Registry, gives you maximum legal certainty. You must request an appointment and advice to a Notary, before signing any document or receipt, and even before the delivery of any money.

“ From Holidaydream we always advise to deposit the money, the signal of purchase and the final payment, in Notary … This is your guarantee that if something goes wrong you recover 100% your money „.

We work and we recommend Mr. Salvador Alborch de la Fuente, Notary belonging to the Association of Notaries of Valencia, for your complete peace of mind.

In the private contract must be written all agreed terms, sales price, inventory, payment, date of writing, etc.

  • Reservation payment

At the conclusion of private contract written, in general, 10% of the total price, which is deducted from the final payment when they go to a notary and made Deed of Sale and property rights pass to buyer is deposited. Public Deed of Sale is prepared by the notary is a prerequisite to registration Land Registry.

  • Notary / Registry of Property

Before signing the Deed of Sale, notaries ask the property registration a simple note of the property they will buy, with this document, the property is reserved for five days. If other notaries requested a Simple Note, it would be rejected.

The buyer and seller must identify themselves to the Notary and can only be represented by a power of attorney. The notary reads the sales contract prepared a few days before the signing, with all the verified data, Cadastral reference, be paid local taxes IBI (property taxes) Pick-up of solid waste, Certificate Energetics, agreed the price with the deduction of deposit paid in advance.

Payment can only be done with a certified bank check. not cash.

After the signing of all parties and the notary, the property is the name of the buyer.

The same day the notice sent electronically to the Land Registry information to be registered in your name.

After the appointment with the notary, the property is registered in the office of the Land Registry on behalf of the new owner, which guarantees, under European law, absolute protection of their property rights.

  • Acquisition costs a house in Spain (Costa Blanca)

Buyer pays the legal and registration expenses of the property. Disaggregated as follows:

  • In the purchase of a second-hand property (already built), the buyer pays the 10% (Property Transfer Tax ITP) tax on the value of the property.
  • In the purchase of new construction 10% VAT (Value Added Tax) plus 1.5%, from A.J.D. (Documented Legal Acts) of the value of the property.
  • In the purchase of a plot of 1st transmission, the buyer pays the 21% VAT (Value Added Tax) regardless of whether it is in the name of a company or individual.
  • In the purchase of a plot of 2nd transmission, the buyer pays the tax of 10% (Transmission Tax ITP) of the value of the plot, regardless of whether it is in the name of a company or individual
  • ​Plus, the expenses of Notary and registration, previously informed

The cost of real estate agent commission is included in the sale price, unless otherwise agreed in the negotiations.

  • Future expenditures

IBI (property tax)

Solid waste collection (garbage)

This tax is 0.4 to 0.7% of the appraised value, depending on the municipality.

These taxes are paid annually in the fall and is based on a percentage of the appraised value of the property, its estimate is subject to local regulations.

Sonya González & José Luis Nieto
CEO & Founders